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Example Poems


Below is a selection of previous poems written by Ross for customers of this site. All poems copyright Ross Williams and Commission a Poem – please do not reproduce these without asking permission of Ross Williams first.

80th Birthday Poem

On this special birthday, these lines are to say,
To a great man - many happy returns;
This is a poem, from those who best know him
(Though it isn’t quite Robert Burns!)

From the Clyde Valley region, a proud Glaswegian,
He grew up with two younger brothers;
His choice of degree, was very useful as he,
Has a great chemistry with others!

He found a Penny, more priceless than any,
And they soon became man and wife;
Three daughters came, Helen, Anne and Jane,
He is surrounded by women in life!

On the rugby field, he never would yield,
And could give a golf ball quite a good clobber;
Even beach expeditions, became competitions,
He would always be the champ Lynmouth lobber!

Always committed, and very quick witted,
At everything he does he is handy;
And he’s never too far, from a Havana cigar,
(and maybe a small drop of brandy!)

He is nimble of mind, he is one of a kind,
And a good man in every which way;
And, we should add, a great dad and granddad,
And from us we say happy 80th birthday!


Wedding Reading

When love is swift and effortless,
And elegantly soars on high,
With courage, strength, and happiness;
It is like a graceful dragonfly.

The most nimble and agile of things,
Impulsively it flits and darts;
Fluttering with fragile wings,
Like two lovers' beating hearts.

Now and then we may by chance
See one in all its subtle beauty;
And you know from just one fleeting glance
That to cherish it will be your duty

Love like this is rare they say,
There may be nothing that it lacks;
And so that brings us to today,
And to our couple, Mike and Max

In love's warm embrace entwined,
Today's events will set in motion;
A union perfectly aligned,
And a lifetime of devotion

A devotion which we know extends,
To everyone here on this day of days;
And with all your family and friends,
You have support which will last always

So with love and joy all around,
Soaring elegantly on high;
We celebrate that you have found,
A love just like a dragonfly

Christening Poem

It is such an honour and pleasure to be asked,
To fulfil this role which we have been tasked;
From this happy moment at your Christening,
We will be there, encouraging and listening.

We will support you in the choices you make,
Walk side-by-side on the paths that you take;
Life’s journey for you has only just begun,
But we know for certain it will be a happy one.

We know you’ll be content and well-grounded,
Because of the fact that you are surrounded
By a family who love you without any conditions,
And will support you in life’s trials and transitions.

You have such a wonderful father and mother,
As well as sister Issy and George, your brother;
A beautiful family that we are proud to know,
And who will always be with you wherever you go.

So for each milestone and whatever the weather,
All of us will to be on your journey together;
And whatever your wonderful life has in store,
You will be surrounded by love, now and evermore.

Anniversary Poem

When we met all the way back in 2001,
I remember you told me ‘this is going to be fun’;
It has been so much fun, filled with such joys,
And none more special than our two little boys.

One click of the mouse and then we just clicked;
It was so exciting – all the boxes you ticked!
From the moment we talked I could not forget you,
And I knew that I loved you before I met you.

And I knew you would be the one for me,
When on our first date you drenched me with tea!
But you’ve now revealed your romancing powers,
Always spoiling me with surprises and flowers!

Our wedding day I will always remember;
Not least for your kilt in coldest December!
It makes me so very happy to be your wife,
And I feel like I have all I need in this life.

To have a husband who is so loyal and giving,
And lives by the maxim ‘life is for living’;
Who has given me children I utterly adore,
I love you so much and will ever more.

Example of the final product printed and mounted in a silver frame


There are some people in life who are truly unique;
You want to be with them and listen when they speak;
They touch people’s lives and have qualities so rare,
And even when they’re gone they will always be there.

And so it is with my incredible Grandmother;
Who always brought happiness and comfort to others;
From being there for family, friends, many and more,
To helping to keep London safe during the war.

For me personally, she did so much on my behalf;
And my memories of her are like an old photograph:
Sepia-toned, filled with warmth of summers gone,
She gave me a place I felt I would always belong.

The warmth of the aga, the animals in the field,
The homeliness which as a child so appealed;
These things reflected the warmth of her heart,
And I will miss her so much now we’re apart.

She was from another continent and another era,
But as people we could not have been nearer;
And although today is the saddest of days,
It was my privilege to know her and I will love her always.

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