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Poems by Henry Leven (Age 7)
My very talented nephew Henry Leven (age 7!) enjoys writing poems so I thought I’d put some up on this site.  And yes I know he is better at poetry than his uncle…


Owls flying about all day.
Owls still as a statue.
Owls aiming high and flying higher.
Owls of necklaces and bracelets.

Owls in night time flying high.
Owls in sun rise waking up.
Owls climbing up trees.
Owls looking out for danger.

Owls with red and orange hats on.
Owls swooping down to eat.
Owls staring at us all day long.
Owls very cross looking.
Owls like it being stroked.


Frogs hopping around loving the hot day.
Frogs  jumping to the 1st lily pad and then 2nd.
Frogs staring everywhere for danger.
Frogs looking then hopping on ground.
Frogs are being warned for danger.
Frogs next to their best friend.


Flowers gently moving about.
Flowers as lovely as anything.
Flowers waving in every direction.
Flowers all around you.
Flowers in all kinds of colours.
Flowers moving in the wind.

Guitars must make noise all the time.
Guitars must be playing.
Guitars must be funny.
Guitars must be playing notes.
Guitars must make lovely music.
Guitars are colourful.
Guitars are playing again.
Guitars are making notes.
Guitars are magnificent.
Guitars are special.
Guitars playing all day long.
Guitars playing "wow wee."
Guitars playing "nice".
Guitars playing "nice music."
Guitars playing nicely.


Visitors opening the door,
Visitors unpacking their stuff;
Visitors stepping through the blue door,
Visitors saying "hi" and "hello".
Visitors jumping up and down when they arrive,
Visitors sadly leaving our house.
Visitors drying their shoes when they come in,
Visitors opening their boot to get their stuff out.
Visitors driving and can't wait to see us,
Visitors quickly driving to get here.



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